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Telenursing is the component of Telemedicine for nursing and midwifery.”


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Telenursing refers to the use of telecommunications and information technology for providing nursing services in health care whenever a large physical distance exists between patient and nurse. (Source: 

Telenursing is a component of telemedicine, offers health-related activities at a distance between two or more locations using information and communication technologies. Telenursing technologies include activities such as videoconferencing, medical imaging and data transfer and encompass a range of disciplines, including nursing and midwifery.

Requirement of Telenursing:

Telenursing is achieving a large rate of growth in many countries that is due to several factors :
The concern in driving down the costs of health care.
An increase in the number of aging and chronically ill population.
To provide cost effective quality healthcare to people living in remote, rural & isolated regions.

Benefits of Telenursing:

Help solve increasing shortages of nurses.
Reduce distances and save travel time.
Improvement of resource and time allocation.
Greater degree of job satisfaction among telenurses.

High Demand for Telenurses:


As demand for health care continues to grow, so does demand for nursing and telenursing. Telenurses help fill the gap created by the current nursing shortage. Salaries for telenurses vary based on geography, experience, and place of employment, but as registered nurses, telenurses typically make a comfortable income.

Overview of Telenursing Project:

We, Medisoft Telemedicine Pvt. Ltd. started telenursing project in collaboration with Vignana Bharathi Para Medical Educational Society. For the project we have established two fully equipped Telemedicine centers. The Telenursing center includes ECG machine, Digital Camera, Electronic stethoscope, Hand-writer, Video Conferencing System, Live Imaging application, Scanner, Printer and Advanced Telemedicine applications.  

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