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Tele Doctor
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Tele Doctor is the integration of computer hardware, specially designed software, video conferencing system, medical equipments and communication media. It enables the specialist, who actually is hundreds of miles away to look at the problem and offer his expert view or solution.

The overview of Tele Doctor
Comprehensive electronic medical record which includes patient's clinical information along with personal and family history.
Incorporates patient's medical data in form of image, video, audio and report.
The data can be acquired by digital camera or web camera, high resolution scanner, CD-ROM or by interfacing with medical equipments.
Patient's file including medical data along with demographical information is compressed and transferred through various communication media.
The expert doctors can give opinion in text, hand written and prescription comment as well as in informal way during video conferencing.
Video Conferencing System - During video conferencing data can be sent to either centre. Interactive whiteboard, chat and live medical image conferencing can also be done.
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