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“The USP of Tele Doctor is its Stability and User-friendly nature” Product Features
Tele Doctor
Telemedicine Definition
Software Overview
Product Features
Products Features

Tele Doctor is comprised of all features of standard Telemedicine system. Besides that, it has some exclusive features developed by Medisoft, which are not offered by any other Telemedicine system.

1. Unique features
User friendly and stable Telemedicine system.
Can be utilized as real time as well as store and forward.
Enables data and images to be digitized, compressed, transmitted, stored, retrieved and read without any significant loss of audio, video and image interpretation quality.
Integration with various medical equipments.
Plug-n-play support for medical devices with video output.
The unique technology to support fast transmission of patient’s medical data.
2. Picture and image management
Accepts pictures / images / video clips from many sources like scanner, video devices, digital camera, CD-ROM and medical equipments.
Supports high resolution, high colour images.
Supports image annotation like zoom, flip, rotate, attach a note etc.
Pictures / images can be printed with any standard printer.
Supports medical industry standard for compression of medical images.
Tele Doctor ensures that all documents are automatically stored in the correct folder. If there is no folder exist it will create folder as new.
3. Multiple Communication Media
Tele Doctor supports multiple communication media like
V-SAT etc.
This provides an uninterrupted operation of system and also helps in reducing cost of communication. As example the store and forward data transfer can be done by internet (upload - download) and the video conferencing can be done by ISDN.
4. Security in Tele Doctor
Security is the fundamental requirement for Telemedicine system. The security concern can be as follows:
Unauthorized user access
Alteration of document during transmission by poor communication line
Insecure technology where half or altered document is received at the end
Alteration of the documents by hackers
Alteration of the documents by hospital staff, intentionally or un-intentionally
Manual function of patient folder, hence chance of mistake is there
Tele Doctor gives security to users against alteration of documents by technical fault, poor communication media, hacker or human error. We have incorporated ample security measures in our system.
Security solution offered by Medisoft and More Details
5. Video conferencing system
Industry standard H.320 / H. 323 compliant.
Video conference system is the integral part of Tele Doctor.
Provides motion video and live audio channel with high frame rate. Video as well as audio are synchronized to compensate any microsecond delays in transmission.
Transmission over ISDN or TCP / IP.
Along with video conferencing, it is possible to send data or latest data of a patient.
Supports interactive whiteboard and chat.
Live image conferencing can be done. For example live video of sonography can be viewed and interpreted by an expert doctor, while patient and sonography machine are at remote site.
  More Details
6. Web registration
Medisoft Telemedicine has centralized web based data for its Telemedicine centers and doctors. Registration of Telemedicine centre and doctor is done on web. This gives up-to-date information of existing centers and doctors.
7. Saving and retrieval of report
Tele Doctor can save and retrieve various report templates. For example the user can generate complete report of Chest X-ray by giving key word "X-ray Chest". User can edit that report. This reduces monotonous typing that makes work fast with high accuracy.
8. Compression
Compression is a software technique by which certain pixels in the digitised image are dropped so that file size is reduced which ultimately decrease transmission time. Tele Doctor adopts lossless compression technique which results in medium compression, high quality.
9. Customization
We understand the specific requirement of hospital and doctor. That will be managed with our technical expertise. Interface with existing medical equipments can be done with in short period of time.
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