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“eHealthopinion - Hybrid product combines web and desktop based system”


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Overview - eHealthopinion


eHealthopinion is the innovative ehealth / telemedicine is classic web 2.0 application. Via eHealthopinion we try to provide innovative way to connect patient with doctor and referring doctor with expert doctor. Our main aim is to create a network of doctors and patients throughout the globe breaking down barriers of time and space. This service is available for the patients and doctors worldwide.


eHealthopinion for patient

eHealthopinion is a platform where patient can prepare his case profile and send it to the doctor for diagnosis, treatment, second opinion or follow up. “Quality healthcare for all” is our motto at eHealthopinion. Our service for patient is free. The patient can prepare case profile which is similar to that when patient represent case to doctor in conventional face to face visit. Using eHealthopinion patient can get medical services at doorstep without traveling.


eHealthopinion for doctor and hospital

eHealthopinion for doctor (or hospital) is a platform to connect with patient and referring doctor with expert doctor for diagnosis, treatment, second opinion, follow up or education purpose. eHealthopinion is the integrated system of web and desktop technology. The primary access of web version for doctor is free.

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